3 useful facts about "the spicy spices"

Do you absolutely love "the spicy spices"? The ones that make you blush and sweat a bit? You know exactly, what I'm talking about, don't you? Welcome to the kingdom of chili!

So, have you ever wondered why the same dish is much spicier after a day or two? Or what you should do if you added too many spicy spices and now your mouth is burning? Let me introduce you three useful tips and tricks about what I call "the spicy spices".

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1. More heat means more spiciness

Quite a common scenario: Cook yourself a lovely meal. Let's say it is Chilli con Carne. Your favorite Mexican dish probably. Usually, you cook just enough for one meal. Although it never happens to me. #justsayin' Ok, so if you eat the whole thing in one day, you've probably never discovered what it tastes like after a day or two. Now, since today is a special day, you've cooked more Chilli con Carne that you can possibly eat in one day. So you leave it for tomorrow. Great, no worries with cooking a lunch, it's already made. Next day you take your meal from the fridge and put it into the oven to make it hot, crunchy and just yummy. You start to eat and suddenly it burns much more than the day before. What the f*** just happened to your lovely meal? It got all fired up! Well, I told you on beginning - more heat, more spiciness. Remember?

Let me explain. So the spicy thing in chili is called capsaicin. Told in normal language? All the spicy spices (and especially chili) contain oil. Oils and seeds are actually the spicy parts. So when you add heat to it, more of the oil is released into your food. The same thing happens even if you don't heat food over and over again, but just let it rest overnight. In time or when heat is added, more and more of spicy oil is released. So if your meal was just perfectly seasoned, eat it straight away. The very next day it's probably gonna be spicy as ****!


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2. OMG, my mouth is burning, what should I do?

Do you know the tabasco game? Who can eat more tabasco at the same time? Hm, let me think ... Your stomach is crying out loud! So what should you do when food is so spicy that all you can feel is a sharp pain in your mouth? First thought - grab a glass of water. Wrong! Second thought - gimme that slice of bread. Better, but still wrong. Ok, did you take a lesson from number one? The spicy component is oil. Can you wash away oil with water? Sure not! With bread? Yeah, it can help a bit, but not really. You can only wash away oil with another oil! So grab a yogurt or spread some butter on a slice of bread and eat it. You will instantly feel better. And have you ever wondered why in India people eat yogurt after every meal? Sure not because it would be their favorite dessert but because it calms the heat of spices. So here you go, now you know what to do next time when your mouth is about to explode.

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3. Spicy food is good for you and your health

Do you really think people would eat something for centuries only because it is tasty? I don't think so. Spicy food is actually very healthy when consumed moderately. You've probably heard the saying, all things in moderation, moderation in all things. So what is so special about spicy spices? Let's take chili for example. Chili is well known as the one who makes your metabolism lively and young again. It also lowers the blood pressure and increases the feeling of comfort. If your metabolism is lazy as an old cat, you should definitely eat spicy food at least two times per week. And did you know that chili (and other spicy spices) are helping you losing weight? Even if you wouldn't change a single thing but to start eating some chili few times a week, you would lose some weight. Ok, I'm not saying to eat chips and watch TV all day and then eat chili and expecting to be thin. It doesn't work that way and you know it. But if you're going to the gym and you eat healthily but still struggling losing weight, then consider eating some spicy spices few times a week.

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Now, let me tell you another thing. Do not, under any circumstances, buy some shitty stuff. Your body is gonna know it is not the pure chili. So where can you buy "the spicy spices" that are healthy and carefully selected? Right here! Check out the King of Monkeys, The Fire Monkey! It consists a lot of chilies and it sure is quite delicious! Let it burn!